About The Project

About The Idea

Over the years, Lauku Atbalsta Dienests (LAD - Rural Support Service) has formed a labor protection system that serves as a practical and useful tool for every LAD employee. Our staff has appreciated the effort, that is why we created the “Feeling Guide”, which is, in some ways, a multi-year project summary in a new interactive visual form. For our surprise, this tool can be used not only by the LAD workers, but also by anyone who cares about his own well-being.

About The Authors

The original authors of the “Feeling Guide” are the two LAD employees - Erika Gromule & Laima Buša. One of their responsibilities is to maintain the health and safety system for more than 750 LAD employees in the entire Latvian territory. Each year, they try to come up with new and exciting ideas, on how to creatively teach fellow colleagues about the health and safety issues at work. This year they are proud to present the “Feeling Guide“.


We would have not realised this project without the support of our partners, who have helped with their inspiring and initiative ideas!

The biggest than you goes to ”Riddle Digital”, in particular Rihards Gromuls and Indulis Švāģers-Greizis, with their technical solution and support.

Also a thanks goes to “Baltijas Fizioterapija” (Baltic Physiotherapy), especially to physiotherapist Elīna Bermane for working out with us.

Also a thank you goes to the whole LAD staff, who gave a helping hand with this project - Alvis Iglažs for his photographic and filming skills, Gunta Rimšāne and Kārlis Sakss for being great models, and a thank you goes for the rest of our colleagues, who helped us with their advice and support during this project.